Inclusion Data Analysis

We are inclusion data experts.

We specialise in analysing qualitative and quantitative data relating to inclusion.

Inclusion data includes information about:

Using information and data, we assess the current ‘inclusion’ position of your organisation. Data will be used to highlight what your organisation is currently doing in relation to inclusion.

The benefits of analysing inclusion data:

  • Inclusion data can be used to highlight what your organisation does well. We know from experience that using data in bids, tenders and project proposals to highlight what the organisation does well significantly increases the likelihood of winning a contract or securing funding.
  • Inclusion data can be used to highlight areas that could be enhanced. Using data, we can unpack issues that you may wish to address.

We help you understand inclusion data and how to use it to make strategic decisions.

We help you use inclusion data to plan strategic changes that will create an inclusive culture.

We interpret data and transform it into valuable business insights that can be used to enhance inclusion within your organisation.

Data provides your organisation with the opportunity to tell a factual story. We paint a picture of your organisation by analysing your inclusion data and presenting it in a comprehensive report.

We want to help you find out what your organisation is doing well in relation to inclusion so that you can showcase this to funders, staff, volunteers, customers, clients and other key stakeholders.

We concentrate on highlighting what your organisation does well in relation in to inclusion, diversity, equality, equity and wellbeing.

Inclusion data can be used to:

  • Strengthen tenders / bids / project proposals

  • Support award applications

  • Strategically plan

  • Transform the culture of your organisation

  • Identify trends

  • Make data driven decisions

  • Improve performance

  • Highlight what your organisation does well

  • Show how well your organisation meets legislative requirements

  • Demonstrate impact

  • Raise awareness of what your organisation may wish to improve

inclusion training

We are highly skilled at using data to spotlight what your organisation does well.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to measure inclusion. We work in partnership with you to find out:

  • What you want to measure in relation to inclusion

  • What the data will be used for (what you want to achieve)

  • How you want to measure inclusion

  • When (or how often) you want to measure inclusion

  • Who you want to involve (For example: staff, customers / clients / service users)

  • How you would like to protect your data

Using data to highlight your organisations strengths can:

  • Boost morale

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve staff and customer satisfaction

Most of the data you need can be found within your organisation, but you may not have the time or resources to gather and/or analyse data. This is where Inclusion UK can help. There are a number of ways in which data can be gathered and analysed. Surveys are one example of how data can be gathered.


Surveys can be designed for any type of stakeholder:

Surveys are a great way to measure how inclusive your organisation is. We work in partnership with you to design anonymised surveys about inclusion. We analyse the qualitative and quantitative data from your surveys and provide a detailed report on the survey findings. In this report we highlight areas of inclusion that your organisation does well and areas that could be strengthened.

What if your organisation does not have any data to analyse?

Inclusion UK can provide information, advice and guidance on simple solutions for gathering, recording and storing data. For a free, no obligation discussion on how we can help, please complete the contact form below:

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