Inclusion Coaching

Business Executives / Leaders often find it difficult to take time out to reflect on what is going well and how they can enhance inclusion within their organisation. Coaching sessions can provide a structured approach to reflection. An experienced Executive Coach will support and challenge you to make transformational changes that will enhance inclusion within your organisation.

Inclusion Coaching

Inclusion Coaching is designed for the Inclusion Leader (or Equality and Diversity Leader) within an organisation. Coaching sessions will support and challenge the Inclusion Leader to make impactful plans, influence others and achieve Inclusion goals.

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INCLUSION Coaching Model

Our unique INCLUSION coaching model is designed to empower you to identity impactful goals, inspire others, and own your actions.

We do this by supporting and challenging you to:

Empowerment Coaching:

Empowerment Coaching is a highly effective form of positive action to address underrepresentation, particularly at leadership and management levels of an organisation. This programme is ideal for anyone who is underrepresented within the organisation and/or:

    • Aspires to progress in their career
    • Has yet to unlock their full potential
    • Wants to their build confidence
    • Wants someone to support and challenge them to achieve their career goals

Coaching sessions:

    • 60-90 min sessions.
    • Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions
    • Weekly check-ins

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