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Diversity and Inclusion Training UK

At Inclusion UK, we work with businesses all over the UK to provide the best quality Diversity and Inclusion Training. Providing tailored specialist equality and diversity training courses for staff and volunteers at all levels, in all sectors, and across all strands of diversity.  

What are the benefits on Inclusion training UK

Inclusion and Diversity training help provide enhanced awareness and understanding of an inclusive workforce. Inclusion training is proven to increase the engagement of staff and volunteer teams. We help to increase awareness and knowledge of diversity and ensure staff/managers are meeting your legal obligations. Inclusion Training improves outcomes as an organisation when it’s done properly!

A workplace that encourages diversity and inclusion has a huge number of business changing benefits:

  • First and maybe most importantly, it keeps employees happy and motivated. This, in itself attracts and keep good staff members. A better stuff turn around rate is the key to any successful business!
  • It will make your business more successfull. For a number of reasons, stated above, it will keep staff happier, keeping them more motivated and hard working. It will also bring better media converage, showing your business in a better light in front of the world.
  • An inclusion and diverse culture will bring you more customers.
  • A diverse work place will bring more ideas and innovation.
  • Prevent legal isses from coming up, such as bullying, haressment and discrimination
inclusion training

Equality in the workplace | Inclusion Training UK

Equality in the workplace will mean equal job and promotion opportunities for everyone. It’s very important that a business has an inclusive approach to recruitment to ensure fairness for all employees and job applications.

Legally you are not allowed to treat people unfairly due to their race, gender, sex, or background. Discrimination may not be deliberate or conscious, so it’s important to keep this in mind at all times.

You can find out more about it at the link below:

Diversity training in the workplace

Diversity refers to the range of people in the workplace. A diverse workplace would be one with lots of different ages, religions, ethnicities, people with disabilities, and both genders. Not only do you have to make sure a workplace is diverse, it’s also important to value their differences. Having a diverse workplace gives a unique perspective to all different types of people. Society is diverse, so it makes sense to have a diverse workplace.

To avoid discrimination, bullying, or harassment in the workplace its very important to:

  • Properly train your staff, including managers on diversity and inclusion
  • Make sure everyone understands the law, and understand that the work place welcomes diversity of all kinds
  • Making changes if the law is not being followed, i.e. training
  • Make sure your staff and managers understand the benefits of deversity and the benefits of hiring a diverce range of people from different backgrounds.
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Inclusion in the workplace

Inclusion in the work place means that everyone feels equal and valued for the work they do. It makes employees feel safe and appreciated. It also encourages employees to:

  • Come of with new ideas and ways to improve the business
  • Be proactive in their workplace
  • Raise any issues they are having with their managers
  • Try new things

Hopefully, now you will realise the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workplace. At Inclusion UK, we provide training for businesses all over the UK to help improve a workplace’s diversity which will benefit the business in the long run. Get in touch with us today if you would like to learn more about what we offer. Some of our other services include:

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