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Over half (59%) of all companies believe their business is not diverse or inclusive enough

A study conducted by GetApp’s in November 2021 found that over half (59%) of 1001 they asked said that their companies still has ‘a lot or a bit’ of work to do to progress diversity and inclusion policies within their workplace. Showing they are aware of the issue they have in the workplace but are yet to do anything about it.

Another shocking statistic is that 19% of employees do not have a diversity and inclusion policy in place within their company. Of this proportion, 11% asserted that their company has no intention of implementing one. 

The study also found that 23% of employees have been personally discriminated against or know someone that has been personally discriminated against. From these stats, the following was also found:

  • 29% encountered racial discrimination
  • 27% age/generation discrimination
  • 23% gender discrimination
  • 28% filed a complaint that wasn’t taken seriously by managers.

These are some shocking statistics and it really shows the need for diversity and inclusion training. Here at Inclusion Training UK, we help companies with this, including the following services:

Inclusion Data Analysis – Specialising in analysing qualitative and quantitative data for inclusion.

Inclusion Training – Offering a range of inclusion training to develop an inclusive culture

Inclusion Coaching – Coaching sessions can provide a structured approach to reflection

Inclusion Audits – Performing checks to make sure your business is committed to inclusion

What other kinds of discrimination were found in the workplace?

In the survey, 57% of respondents said that they believed it’s very important that the company they work for is involved in social movements, like black lives matter and LGBTQ+ rights, however only 28% of employees believe it is not very important and 15% said it is not at all important. Of those that stated it is not at all important, the majority were male between the ages of 55-60.

Source of the graph – https://www.diversitytrust.org.uk/

What opportunities are there for growth for employees?

Regarding gender diversity, the survey done by GetApp found that 15% of employees believe that men have opportunities for growth within their company. 20% of men in this survey believe that men are paid more than women. An interesting statistic found that 40% of companies are not transparent with their employees when in comes to pay raises and promotions.

inclusion and diversity training

What can we learn from this?

From this survey done by GetApp we can find that the is a lot of work to be done in the workplace to increase diversification and inclusion in a lot of areas. Companies need to do more to make their employees feel comfortable in the workplace, a great place to start is to do an Inclusion Data Analysis which will give them a good idea of what they need to improve on, then they can go from there.

If you would like more information about diversity training them please get in touch via our contact page here.

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